Here are some frequently asked questions that I get and my answers to them. It is worth noting that there is no such thing as a stupid question and even though I get asked these questions on a regular basis I understand that the reason why you are asking the question is because you don’t know the answer and the only way to find out the answer is to ask the question in the first place!!! I hope this helps you but if it doesn’t and you still have a question that needs answering then please email me and I’ll try my best to answer it for you.

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Q: What do you recommend that we wear for our portrait session?

A: I recommend that you wear clothing that makes you and your family feel comfortable and good. Because after all, if you feel good then you will look good. I also like it when you wear clothing in co-ordinated complimentary colours. Try not to have too many patterns or bold designs in your clothing either as these can be really distracting to the eye. You do want your portraits to be about you and your family – not the clothes you are wearing. I recommend clothing choices that you will look at in 20 years time and think we look great. You don’t have to all wear the same colour and match – unless of course you want to. I always say to make sure that you like the look of your clothing as you will be looking at it for a long time with the portraits hanging on the walls in yours and your family members homes!!!

Q: Can we bring a couple of outfit changes to our session?

A: Yes, of course you can. In fact, it is highly recommended for kids sessions. If you can’t think of another entire outfit to wear then why not bring some accessories like a hat or a scarf. Be sure to bring along the kids favourite toys too as they can serve 2 purposes. The first being getting them to look at the camera at the beginning of a session and the second being to have a portrait or 3 done with their beloved friend.

Q: What is on the USB drive included in our package?

A: The USB drive has 2 folders of images from your session. One is a high resolution folder and the other is a low resolution folder. The high resolution folder images are the ones that you use for printing. They are large, high resolution JPEG files. The low resolution folder images have been watermarked with my logo and compressed to allow quick and easy uploading of your images to social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Please do not alter, edit, recrop, or remove my logo from any images that you are provided with on your USB drive.

Q: Can I use these images in competitions or in any form of media?

A: Yes, as long as written consent has been given by Felicity Dunn Photography and credit is given to Felicity Dunn Photography for the image. If the image is to be used in a competition please check the terms and conditions of the competition before seeking permission to use the image as some competitions do not allow professional portraits to be used.

Q: What happens to the images that aren’t in my gallery?

A: Unfortunately not all of your images from your session will make the final cut for your gallery. There are a few reasons for this. It could be that someone had their eyes closed, or that someone wasn’t looking in the right direction, or that it just didn’t meet my high expectations and standards – after all you do only want the best images. I do keep a copy of all images taken at your session but if they don’t make it to the gallery then there is generally a very good reason as to why they didn’t and those images will never be released.

Q: Can I change an image from colour to B&W or vice-versa?

A: Yes you can. Sometimes I may even actually provide you with a copy of the image in both options as I found it difficult to make a decision myself!!!

Q: How long after our session will we receive our images?

A: Your USB drive will be delivered with your print order. It can take up to 4 weeks from the date of your portrait viewing which I will organise with you at your portrait session.

Q: Do our images have to be posted on the Felicity Dunn Photography blog and Facebook?

A: No. Part of your boring but necessary paperwork is the Social Media Consent Form. On this form you can specify which websites, if any, you consent to your images being published on. If you would prefer to keep your session private or don’t want them posted on the internet until after a certain date then please provide the details on this form.

Q: How do I book my session?

A: If  you could complete the form on the Contact Me page on this website, I will then send you through a Welcome Kit with all the information that you need for your session including an invoice for your chosen package. You will need to pay the session fee within 7 days of the invoice date to secure your booking.

Q: How do I pay for my session or print order?

A: Felicity Dunn Photography accepts Cash, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and direct bank deposits as payment for all sessions and orders. The details are provided on your invoice.

Q: I don’t live in Brisbane North, do you charge extra to travel to me?

A: No, if your chosen portrait location is within a 40km radius of Bald Hills then my travel costs are included in the price of your package. If the location is outside the 40km radius then an individual quote for travel will be provided.

Q: Do you do gift vouchers?

A: Yes. You don’t even have to give the full amount of a package. You can gift someone any amount you wish for them to put towards a package of their choice.

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